Voice modul

Our voice modul OE SP-830 combines nature-faithful sound, easy operation and low power consumption to a universally usable recording and playback medium.

Through a proven microprocessor control and our extensive experience in the audio range the voice module can be influenced easily to more memory slots without changing the sound quality .

Instead of one message with 240 sec. there are up to 8 messages with 30 seconds possible.

The system is ideal for example, standardized announcements in buses, trains, and everywhere constant texts are played repeatedly.

The recording of a text is very easy by the PC with a simple audio file (wav, mp3, etc.).

This file can be recorded with a microphone on the PC in advance.

The connection from the PC to our voice module is done with a connection cable that is included.

Playback can be done for example, via the Blaupunkt amplifier BA 20, 49 BPA, CPA 121 or through an amp from our company.

The OE SP830 can be supplied with 12VDC or 24VDC supply voltage.

As all our products we especially value an easy use with high-quality and durability at a reasonable price.


Talking Security System


By merging two of our systems, a brand new generation of security system could be created.


This security feature finds now his application in many areas.

- ss speaking reversing alarm

- as speaking panic system

- in security sluices for repeating instructions

- in public buildings for standardized announcements


Of course, all the features and the ease of use of our above shown voice module are maintained.


Find out now and take advantage of a high quality and reliable safety feature.