Buzzer (OE 6300KB-DD)

Our buzzer (or electronic bell) was developed to meet customers for mining vehicles .

Due to the extreme environmental sounds the loudness of the buzzer is with 115dB sufficiently loud for each application. With a setting dial this sound can be set individually for every application. Optionally various signals also in combination can be selected.

The buzzer can be triggered via a switched voltage, an external contact or via a built-in button.

The operating voltage can vary from 12VDC to 32VDC.


Talking Security System


By merging two of our systems, a brand new generation of security system could be created.


This security feature finds now his application in many areas.

- as speaking reversing alarm

- as speaking panic system

- in security sluices for repeating instructions

- in public buildings for standardized announcements


Of course, all the features and the ease of use of our voice module are maintained.

see this page: voice modul


Find out now and take advantage of a high quality and reliable safety feature.