Cable detector

The Ohlendorf cable detector is a portable measuring instrument that can be used to find lines and line tracing. The meter is an indispensable aid for tracking the ground laid guide wire and wire loops.They are basically used for robotic lawn mowers. If one of these lines damaged by corrosion or voles is a function of the robot lawn mower in the spring no longer possible. With the cable locator the damaged cables and their interruption is found in minutes and can be repaired at this point again. A cost-effective repair option that must be applied under certain circumstances a year.

The instrument consists of a transmitter OE SF T30V and a receiver OE SF R30V. The signal generated by the transmitter consists of a modulated current, this modulated current generates an electromagnetic field around a conductor. This electromagnetic field induces a voltage in the receiver coil. If the receiver is brought into proximity of the affected line with its receiver coil, the modulated AC voltage is evaluated and displayed.

• Locating cables and line interruptions.
• Line tracing in the ground, open circuit of wire loops for robots - Lawnmowers (brand independent).

Transmitter and receiver are equipped with batteries that can be recharged using the included power adapter. The basic equipment also include a cable set for easy connecting.

For more informations please see our instruction manual ( .pdf )

Cable detector for electricians

We now offer our well-known cable detector in a new development stage for electricians. With the cable detector, the damaged cable and its interruption, or short circuit or their exact position is found in minutes and can be repaired at this point even if the cable is still under voltage. To locate the cable to the centimeter, the receiver is equipped with a sensitivity potentiometer.

The equipment set is characterized by the following features:

• Locating cables in the wall, interrupted wiring, determining exact positions of the cables to the meter cabinet
• Finding fuses and assigning them to circuits
• Finding accidentally plastered plug and junction boxes
• Finding interruptions in electric underfloor heating
• Visual warning in the event of a short circuit in the line
• Optical warning message when voltage is present in the line